What makes a clean dental surgery?

sterile dental equipment

There’s nothing like a freshly clean dental clinic. And in these times, its doubly, trebly, important.  We know for a fact that cleanliness and rigid infection control procedures are directly linked to positive patient outcomes.

Properly-Cleaned Tools and PPE

First and foremost at Taree Dental Care we have VERY strict protocols for cleaning tools, and using clean, disposable PPE (personal protective equipment).

Gloves are a priority.  We always use disposable gloves and they are replaced frequently.  A fresh pair is put on right before an examination starts.

Masks and protective eye-wear are super important. When your mouth is being examined or operated on, we use a new disposable mask to avoid any bacteria from our mouth reaching yours. This is especially crucial when conducting surgery as there is always a heightened risk. 

Before and after each patient, our dental tools undergo complete sterilisation. The mouth is a haven for bacteria, and even with a straightforward clean in a spotless mouth, we are digging through bacteria and plaque.

Finally, the chair and operating surfaces are completely cleaned and sterilised with sanitiser on all surfaces, before and after you leave. Bacteria can travel and grow across surfaces, so even an unclean chair can potentially lead to reinfection of a patient. 

The contagious nature of Covid-19 has made this even more of a priority then ever before. 

We don’t take any risks or any shortcuts.

The Waiting Room and Reception

Patients go to a dentist expecting the office to be clean and fresh. A dirty waiting area is not a good sign for the rest of the practice.

A clean relaxed uncluttered waiting room will help you feel at ease and we try hard to make our reception area a nice place to wait.  We also want you to have faith that your dental records and other sensitive patient information is well looked after in an organised manner. 

Our team really are the best, and we know that our front reception is always clean and organised.  Hopefully you are also greeted with a smile when you walk through our door.

Staff Health and Immunisation

We firmly believe the health of our staff is paramount. While it’s always good practice to never go to work sick, in a dental office this is even more crucial as you risk infecting people who might be at a higher risk.

Our staff are up to date with immunisations and vaccines to ensure they don’t bring potentially harmful pathogens into a medically-sensitive environment. 

Rest assured that all of our team is vaccinated against Covid-19, in accordance with the health guidelines. 

At Taree Dental Care we take cleanliness VERY seriously (as we should!)

Our business is delivering the best oral health care that we can possibly achieve for our patients – and to fulfill that promise we maintain the highest possible standard of sterilisation, infection control, and disposal of single-use materials and tools. 

We have made our practice as safe as we possibly can.  We even installed superior ventilation in our surgery last year as a further precaution against Covid-19.

If you need an appointment at any time, or simply catch-up on an overdue check-up, please give us a call on 6550 0960 or head to our website

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