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We love all our Dads  but they sure can be an interesting breed when it comes to visiting us at the clinic.🧡

A lot of them don’t feel they need to visit unless they’ve got a toothache, some are a bit more conscientious and visit every 2 years.  Others, although they wouldn’t like to admit it, are just plain scared.

At Taree Dental Care we’ve pulled together a  light-hearted profile of a few of the types of Dad we see come through our doors.

The Poster Boy Dad

This is the Dad who believes prevention is better than cure and who takes great care of his teeth.

If all Dads were like the Poster Boy, our jobs would be a breeze! He brushes his teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, he flosses, he avoids soft drinks and sugary snacks and he keeps his appointments every 6 months for preventative checks.

This Dad not only keeps his own appointments but schedules regular check ups for the kids and leads by example by showing his kids how to keep their teeth clean.

He is instilling in them from a young age the importance of dental care and hygiene and showing them that there’s nothing scary about going to the dentist. He may even treat himself to a tooth whitening treatment occasionally just to keep his smile extra pearly.

The Fixer-Upper Dad

This is the kind of Dad who only comes to see us when something is wrong.He believes regular dental check ups are a waste of money but when something plays up, he will begrudgingly pop along and see us.

He keeps his teeth in OK condition, he brushes at least once a day, but he probably doesn’t floss regularly. When he comes in with a toothache, he will usually consent to a check-up while he’s there because there’s no point coming back twice, right?

While he’s not too fussed on his own dental health, he does think it’s important for his kids to have strong teeth, so he makes sure they keep regular appointments.  He may not book appointments for himself, but when it comes to his kid’s teeth he makes sure they’re being looked after.  So I guess this Dad is not all bad.

The ‘I haven’t been to the dentist for years’ Dad (and I am proud of it)

Hmmmmm.  This is the Dad who makes no bones about the fact that he doesn’t go to the dentist.

He may even brag about how long it’s been since he visited. He brushes his teeth when he remembers and probably hasn’t replaced his toothbrush in…..well lets just say the bristles resemble something like a crusty echidna.

Often this Dad doesn’t like to admit it, but he may be a bit frightened of the dentist and he will put off visiting as long as possible.

When tooth pain flares up, he’s likely to just try and treat it with pain killers or a visit to the doctors – the dentist he will avoid for as long as possible. When we finally do see this Dad he’s usually in a large amount of pain and needs to have major treatment, like an extraction.

It would be great if we can teach this Dad that proper dental care and regular visits will prevent painful dental emergencies in the future!

The Happy-go-lucky Dad

The happy-go-lucky Dad also rarely goes to the dentist but somehow manages to get away with it. He will have grown up drinking fluoridated water  and probably takes quite good care of his teeth, brushing twice daily and the occasional flossing.✔️

When this Dad does come to visit us, he is often sheepish about his lack of visits, or sometimes just claims he’s been ‘too busy’. When we find out he hasn’t visited in years we are always astounded at the good state of his teeth.

He usually needs a good clean and some tartar removed but he’s somehow managed to avoid any decay or other problems.  That’s why we call him Lucky!

The happy-go-lucky Dad may also feel pleasantly surprised and feel that he can probably get away with not visiting again for a long time.❌

Little does he know he is a rare find indeed and his luck may not last till next time!

So do you think our team nailed all the Dads?  (If there is one Dad you think we’ve missed, then please let us know!  We’d like to be prepared when he visits us at Taree Dental Care!

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Arrrgh! I’ve cracked my tooth! postByDental

Have you ever had a cracked tooth? 🦷

You are not alone – a cracked tooth is a pretty common dental issue – especially as we age.  Sometimes it happens from something as simple as biting into an apple or a piece of ice. Or biting your pen.

Understanding the signs, symptoms and treatments of a cracked tooth – and how you can help prevent them – is very important.  But if you do notice a chip or a crack in your tooth, come and see us straight away.  If you have sensitivity and pain, there may even be an infection so you will need immediate treatment.

A cracked tooth will not heal on its own – and early treatment may be the best chance to save your tooth.

How do I know if I have a cracked tooth?

It can be hard to tell if your tooth is cracked and sometimes there may be very little physical evidence, or it may not be visible to the naked eye. ️

You might experience:

  •       Pain when chewing
  •       Constant toothache
  •       Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks

What are the different types of cracked tooth?

Not all tooth cracks are the same. Some are minor and require minimal attention, while others are very serious and require urgent treatment.

  • Cracked tooth

This is a crack which runs from the edge of the tooth towards the tooth’s root. A cracked tooth is not completely split in half, but damage is often done to the inner tissue of the tooth – and it can lead to infection if untreated.

  • Craze lines

Craze lines are small, painless cracks to the exterior of the tooth. Most adults will have some craze lines on their enamel. This kind of crack is not dangerous and doesn’t need treatment.

  • Cracked cusp

A cracked cusp can lead to tooth breakage so should always be taken seriously. This is when the cusp, or the pointed bit of your tooth, becomes cracked, causing sharp pain when eating.

  • Split tooth

A split tooth is when a tooth splits vertically (from the root upwards) into two pieces. This can often be a complication of an untreated cracked tooth and usually requires removal of the tooth. 

What sort of things can cause teeth to crack?

There are a number of ways you can crack a tooth:

  •       Grinding your teeth
  •        Biting into hard things
  •       Clenching your jaw
  •       Injury or accident
  •       Weakening of the tooth through gum disease
  •       Teeth with large fillings
  •       Extreme hot and cold temperature changes in the mouth.

How will my cracked tooth be fixed?

How your cracked tooth can be fixed depends on the severity and location of the crack. Different treatments include:

  • Polishing

For a minor enamel crack your tooth may simply be polished to remove the crack.

  • Veneers

Veneers are hard covers which are adhered to your tooth’s surface and protect the tooth.

  • Bonding

Bonding involves filling the crack with hard resin. This may only be suitable for front teeth as molars are under a lot more stress.

  • Crowns

Crowns can be used for deeper cracks, but ones which don’t reach the soft centre of the tooth.

  • Root Canal

If you’re unlucky enough to have the crack reach all the way to the centre of your tooth you may need root canal treatment.

  • Dental Implants

In the most severe cases your cracked tooth may have to be removed and replaced with a dental implant. 

How do I avoid cracking my teeth?

You can minimise your risk by:

  • Avoid biting into hard things (not just food but things like pens and fingernails that you might absent-mindedly chew on)
  • Only use your teeth for chewing, don’t try to open things with your teeth (if you see a child or someone you know open a bottle with their mouth, please tell them NOT to!)
  • If you think you might grind or clench your teeth at night you should talk to us about a night-guard
  • Consider wearing a custom-made mouth guard when playing sport.  (If you don’t have one of these, we can help!)

What do I do if I have a cracked tooth?

If you leave a cracked tooth untreated it can cause extreme pain, sensitivity and infection.  Worse case scenario it can also lead to the loss of the tooth – and you don’t want that to happen.  

Early intervention is ABSOLUTE key.

If you suspect you may have a cracked tooth don’t wait –  book an appointment to see us NOW at Taree Dental Care on 6550 0960.

You will save yourself pain, and considerable expense, if you get it treated immediately.

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